With Innovative Solutions to a Smooth Driving Experience


In large buildings such as train stations and airports, the smooth operation of drives, elevators and escalators is essential. Malfunctions or even breakdowns can cause significant delays and inconvenience to passengers. In addition to regular maintenance and monitoring of the entire system, reliable and efficient lubrication systems are essential to prevent this from happening.


simatec, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, offers an innovative solution for the lubrication of drives, elevators and escalators with its automatic lubrication dispensers and the hydrogen gas development cell integrated in them. Unlike conventional lubrication systems and manual lubrication, this lubrication is automatic and on demand. The lubricant is protected from contamination by a sophisticated system that ensures consistently high lubrication performance. The lube dispenser can be easily and quickly mounted to the system's existing lubrication points.

The benefits of this system are obvious: not only does it provide reliable, uniform and efficient lubrication, it also extends equipment life, reduces maintenance and helps conserve resources, which ultimately translates into lower overall costs.

This in turn leads to higher availability and satisfied passengers and customers. Lubricant products from simatec are also environmentally friendly because they are reusable and refillable. Compared to conventional lubrication methods, this reduces consumption and thus contributes to environmental protection.

As a leading supplier of lubrication systems, simatec meets the highest quality standards and its products are successfully used in numerous industries. Automatic lubricant dispensers with hydrogen gas-generating dry cells are just one of many innovative solutions offered by the company. With customized concepts and in close cooperation with customers and partners, simatec always strives to find individual solutions for a wide variety of requirements.



If you are looking for a reliable and efficient lubrication solution for drives, elevators and lifts in high-rise buildings and large public areas, simatec is the right address. The company offers not only a wide range of high-quality products, but also comprehensive consulting and support in the implementation of individual solutions.


In summary, simatec's innovative and environmentally friendly lubrication systems are an attractive option for customers in the elevator and escalator industry and meet the high demands of both new installations and maintenance work.