22.11.2020, Dominik Schaub

Winter is coming

Who has not heard of the sentence «Winter is coming», made famous by the TV series «A Game of Thrones». But the statement is not only true for a fantasy series, but currently also for the whole northern hemisphere. In the following videos you can see how the harsh winter impacts the daily life. No person likes to work outside in these conditions, but the simalube will continue working no matter the weather condition.

simalube im Schnee

Slippery surfaces

A lot of lubrication points are not in cosy, easy to reach places, but they are located outside. Getting to these points can be dangerous, as employees might slip on icy ladders or other slippery surfaces. Thanks to the simalube these accidents can be avoided. Thanks to the setting up to 12 month it is possible to install the simalube in summer, making use of the dry conditions. During the winter the simalube is automatically feeding the lubrication point and no one must use the slippery ladders.

simalube im eis und Schnee2

It is freezing cold

It is not comfortable to work in the cold, especially after a full day in the warm office. But many maintenance teams must do exactly this. Lubricating machines at an environmental temperature of -10°C is exhausting, therefore some of these points are not taken care of. This results in a failure of machines and equipment with costly repairs.
The simalube can cope with environmental temperatures form -20° up to 55°C, this means that even in the harshest winter the simalube is taking care of the lubrication. Did you know that that the simalube even works when covered by ice?

Temperaturschutz simalube2

simalube the roly-poly toy

It sounds as if the simalube would be a roly-poly toy. But of course there are influences that can harm the simalube. The winter does not only come with low temperature but also with storms and strong winds. These winds are not only dangerous for maintenance teams when climbing to the lubrication points, but even the simalube could be damaged, for example by objects flying around. Therefore, simatec offers a metal cover to absorb blows that possibly harm the simalube, as well as Polyethylene covers to reduce the temperature impact over a short period.

Seilsattel Zermatt2

What happens if it is colder than -20°C

In the case that the environmental temperature would drop below -20°C the simalube can be taken out of this freezing environment. Thanks to the pressure booster simalube Impulse the simalube can be installed 4 meters removed of the lubrication point, this means in many cases that the simalube could be installed in a protected place with a suitable temperature.
Even if the environmental temperature of the lubrication point is below -20° or above +55°C, an automatic lubrication can be achieved. Three points have to be fulfilled to guarantee a safe and efficient lubrication:

  • The lubricant is suitable for the desired temperature
  • The lubricant can be used in a simalube
  • The simalube stays within the temperature range of -20° to +55°C (This can be achieved with an Impulse)

simalube Sesselbahn5

Dominik Schaub

Dominik Schaub

Dominik Schaub is employed by simatec since 2018. As Sales Operations Manager he is analysing sales numbers and channels and implementing projects to strengthen the sales activities at simatec.

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