02.02.2021, Paulo Martins

The great potential of simalube automatic single point lubricators

Before we discuss how brilliant and convenient simalube automatic single point lubricators are, let me ask, when was the last time you thought about lubrication in your company?

We know, when you had some lubrication problems!

We at simatec always wonder why most of our customers only react to a lubrication problem instead of avoiding it.

There are various factors:

  • Production is always increasing
  • Man power decreasing
  • Difficult to access lubrication points
  • Lubrication means production stoppage
  • Risk of injury etc.

What if I told you, that we can solve all of those problems today?

Techniker installiert IMPULSE2Not only that, but we will help your team (that never has enough people) to have more time to do jobs that bring more value to the company (repairing an engine, fixing a chain, etc.), your mechanical components will last at least 3 times longer, you will save a lot in lubricants and will have much less production stoppages and down time. How much is that worth?

At least a try!

And that’s exactly what we want to do in your factory anywhere in the world. Thanks to our network of distributors we will visit you in your factory to teach your maintenance team how to install the simalube lubricator and how to prevent lubrication problems.

We have solutions for bearings, chains, ventilators, electric engines, guides, you name it. Actually it’s very hard for us not to have a solution for you. Let’s work together!

Another advantage is that you can install the simalube anywhere, even under water. Upside down, and up to a distance of 4m (with simalube IMPULSE), from -20 up to +55 degrees, it doesn’t matter, it will still work. Again, it’s very hard not to be able to install it in your factory.
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The simalube can be filled with grease or oil and we have a very big selection of application/function specific lubricants. And if you already have a certified lubricant that you want/need to use, no problem, we will supply empty simalubes so you can fill them with your own grease/oil. And when they are empty, you just fill them again because all simalubes are refillable. You can’t beat that for convenience.

Your applications are very important to us, so instead of having a one size fits all approach, we have 5 different sizes of automatic lubricators. From the smallest automatic lubricator in the world with just 15g up to 1kg of lubricant we can guarantee automatic continuous lubrication of your applications.

simalube 4er Block 5

You can set the simalube to dispense its full content from a month to a year. Imagine you have to lubricate every day, 3 times a day. Wouldn’t it be more convenient, fast and safe if you had to do it just once a month or two? The same goes if you have to lubricate every month, I’m sure your maintenance team will be happy if they can do it just once a year.

Once installed, our simalubes are continuously lubricating your application so you will need much less lubricant and there will be no waste like lubricant outside the application or lubricant on the floor. Also, because the simalubes are continuously making pressure, your application will be impervious to dust, dirt, moisture and water. Basically, a few milligrams of lubricant come out every day so contamination can’t go inside your application.

Installation simalube Steilstuetze Seilbahn Muerrenbahn 2

The final ace up the sleeve of our simalubes it that they can be retrofitted in your old/new manual lubrication application in a matter of minutes. There is no need to drill or cut most of the applications so you can transform your manual application into automatic very easily. Our staff and distributors all have extensive training locally and in our headquarters in Switzerland, so we can always help you with your lubrication problems and give you a permanent solution.

We want you to stop worrying about lubrication of your critical or hard to access lubrication points. It’s time for you to lubricate automatically, it’s time to lubricate continuously, it’s time for simalube!

Paulo Martins

Paulo Martins

Paulo Martins has been with simatec ag since 2017 and, as Area Sales Manager, looks after the markets in Spain, Portugal, Middle East, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, UK, Hungary, South America.


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Hello this site https://google.com the best

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