18.11.2020, Martino Piccirilli

simalube contributes to the energy transition

Energy transition means the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energies and the phasing out of nuclear energy. However, in order to ensure that sufficient energy continues to be available for everyone, the transition also requires a more efficient approach, i.e. energy consumption should become more efficient.

Manufacturing companies, in particular, are heavily exposed to this issue and can reduce energy consumption by taking appropriate measures. This not only benefits the environment, but also the companies themselves, since it simultaneously reduces production costs. An important area that can make a significant contribution is the use of automatic lubricant dispensers to lubricate roller bearings spindles, chains, gears, guides and other mechanical parts.
The main function of lubrication is to prevent or reduce contact between the rolling and sliding surfaces. In this way, friction and wear are kept to a minimum, which ultimately reduces energy consumption.

Save energy costs with the simalube lubricator

The Swiss company simatec ag researches, develops and produces solutions for the optimal lubrication of these components under the name simalube.

simatec ag attaches great importance to the fact that the products are not only produced in an energy-efficient manner, but also (and above all) that customers can use the benefits of simatec products to reduce energy costs and make their contribution to the energy transition. Lower energy costs automatically translate into lower production costs.

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What are the advantages and benefits of simalube lubricant dispensers from simatec ag

simatec has five different sizes of lubricant dispensers in its range: 15 / 30 / 60 / 125 / 250 ml.

  • This enables the optimum amount of lubricant to be applied to the lubrication point. This helps to avoid over- or under-lubrication, keeps friction low, reduces energy costs and extends the service life of the components. 36% of premature breakdowns are due to inadequate lubrication.
  • In addition, the total consumption of lubricants can be reduced by using the optimum lubrication quantities, which in turn also has a positive influence on the energy balance.

The simalube lubricant dispensers can be refilled up to three times. Waste and costs are reduced.

Easy disposal at the end of its service life:
No environmental impact thanks to recycling and proper disposal

No toxic substances:
The lubricators do not contain any toxic substances that need to be disposed of with increased energy consumption.

Universal use:
The lubricant dispensers can be filled with oil or grease and used wherever lubrication is required.

The effects in terms of energy costs are particularly noticeable in applications such as chain lubrication. simalube lubricators provide the chains with the optimum quantities of oil. This is done using the brush developed by simatec. The brush cleans and oils the chain simultaneously. Tests have shown that the energy costs of the drives can be reduced by up to 15% in this way.

simalube lubricant dispensers significantly reduce maintenance costs and are the ideal solution for reducing energy costs, thus contributing to the energy transition.

Martino Piccirilli

Martino Piccirilli

Martino Piccirilli has been with simatec ag since 2016 and, as Area Sales Manager, looks after the markets in Italy, Australia, Benelux, Austria, India, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, simatec China, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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