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04.07.2022, Dario Zurbuchen

Solutions for innovative maintenance of electric motors

Using simalube lubricators significantly reduces maintenance costs of electric motors.
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Design thinking as a driver of innovation – how simatec is shaping the future

Innovation is part of simatec’s DNA: Headquartered in Wangen an der Aare, the company has been developing impressive products and solutions for assembling, dismantling and maintaining roller bearings for almost 40 years. Innovation and customer focus are two of the success factors – but there’s more...!


Maintenance processes for rolling bearings during operation

Smooth production operations without any downtime is the goal for every company. Small issues like a defective roller bearing can cause major problems. Are there any ways to carry out servicing on roller bearings during operation? In this article, we will show you what to look out for.

25.08.2021, Tamara Rebmann

First-time installations with simalube and their difficulties

From manual to automatic lubrication with the simalube single-point lubricator - a change that's worth it! But what needs to be taken into account in this respect? What challenges are there?

31.03.2021, Thomas Danz

Mounting of rolling bearings

Rolling bearings are used billions of times around the world and have become an indispensable part of mechanical engineering. The expectation of the service life of such bearings is correspondingly high. The service life depends on various factors. Of course, the selection of the correct bearing type and the required dimensions play a central role here.

23.02.2021, Tamara Rebmann

Automatic lubricator simalube: Flexibility like no other

Bearings in all shapes and sizes, chains, guide rails, toothed racks and pinions. These are all things that need to be lubricated at regular intervals with different lubricants and lubricant quantities. Automatic lubricators appear to be the perfect solution here. But which system is best for me?
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17.02.2021, Dario Zurbuchen

simatool - the right choice for tools

The correct mounting and dismounting of bearings and radial shaft seals is impossible without the right special tools. Did you know that 16% of early bearing failures are due to improper removal?
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02.02.2021, Paulo Martins

The great potential of simalube automatic single point lubricators

Before we discuss how brilliant and convenient simalube automatic single point lubricators are, let me ask, when was the last time you thought about lubrication in your company? We know, when you had some lubrication problems!
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18.12.2020, Hans Gfeller

Reliable machine lubrication regardless of lockdowns or Coronavirus quarantines

The pandemic is placing additional demands on the maintenance of production equipment and machinery. The availability of equipment must continue to be ensured even during these difficult times. The maintenance of these systems, in particular the relubrication of bearing points, must be ensured without restriction despite the Covid-19 situation.
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22.11.2020, Dominik Schaub

Winter is coming

Who has not heard of the sentence “Winter is coming”, made famous by the TV series “A Game of Thrones”. But the statement is not only true for a fantasy series, but currently also for the whole northern hemisphere. In the following videos you can see how the harsh winter impacts the daily life. No person likes to work outside in these conditions, but the simalube will continue working no matter the weather condition.
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18.11.2020, Martino Piccirilli

simalube contributes to the energy transition

Energy transition means the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energies and the phasing out of nuclear energy. However, in order to ensure that sufficient energy continues to be available for everyone, the transition also requires a more efficient approach, i.e. energy consumption should become more efficient.