Permanent lubrication of fans and fan systems

Ventilators, blowers and fan systems require lubrication at regular time intervals. Fans are found in almost all industries: hotels, hospitals, chemical and power plants, paper and recycling industries, mining, ships and many others. The vast majority of fans move air, and their applications are correspondingly diverse: Cooling, ventilation, air supply, drying, air conditioning and transport.

Lubrication points


  • Environment: high temperatures, high temperature fluctuations for outdoor applications, use in ATEX areas
  • Technical: high availability, continuous operation 24/7
  • Installation: systems are often located on buildings, poorly accessible (on roofs, on facades, etc.)


  • In most cases, the lubricators can be screwed directly onto the lubrication points (bearings or seals)


Advantages of the simalube lubrication system

  • Fresh lubricant is continuously supplied
  • No over- or underlubrication
  • Continuous supply of lubricant enables very high availability of the equipment
  • Fans are also often used in hazardous areas (ATEX), the simalube dispensers are approved in all ATEX areas

Application images

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