Constant lubrication of threaded spindles thanks to simalube

Threaded spindles, sometimes also called drive screws, are machine elements which, together with other elements in a screw drive, serve to convert a rotary movement into a translatory movement.

Lubrication points
The spindles of a lifting system for railway wagons and locomotives are each automatically and constantly lubricated with a simalube 125ml lubricator.
The simalube lubricator automatically, reliably and continuously lubricates the spindle of a circular saw in a sawmill for over a year.
Several simalube lubricators 125ml automatically lubricate the spindles of a sawing machine.


  • Environment: pollution, high loads, large forces, high circulation speeds and accelerations
  • Installation: little space, very small connection threads


  • The lubricant is applied via a brush or directly to the components
  • Direct or indirect assembly. The dispenser is connected directly or via a hose to a brush or directly to the nut of the spindle


Advantages of the simalube lubrication system

  • Fresh lubricant is continuously supplied
  • If the lubricant is continuously supplied in small quantities, much less lubricant is required
  • Hard-to-reach lubrication points are reliably supplied with lubricant

Application images

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