The smallest lubricator performs like the biggest

The new simalube 15 ml lubricator

simatec has filled an important gap in automatic lubrication with the launch of a worldwide new lubricator. With only 15 ml of contents the smallest member expands the simalube product family and supplies lubrication points that until now had no adequate solution.

Where necessary space is lacking, the simalube 15 ml is the perfect answer
With its slim aluminium housing (ø 22 mm, height 70 mm) the 15 ml can be installed where other lubricators are too big. The smallest automatic lubricator is the perfect choice for very tight spaces.

Big impact for small lubrication requirements
With only 15 ml of contents – grease or oil – the new lubricator offers a minimal, but continual amount of lubrication during the desired time setting (1 – 12 months). For lubrication points which only require a small amount of lubrication the simalube replaces manual lubrication, reduces maintenance costs, and extends the life of machine parts. Overheated bearings, machine failures, and downtimes all due to over lubrication now belong to the past! Along with many other applications the simalube 15 ml is especially suitable for linear guides, electric motors, pumps, ball screws, and small bearings.

Automatic lubrication – cost reduction

The application of simalube products has multiple benefits. First, manual lubrication is no longer needed. The time savings alone both greatly sink costs and free the workforce for profitable tasks in the value chain. Next, simalube’s closed system inhibits the penetration of dirt, which extends the lifespan of the lubricated part and supports the reliability of the facility. Last but not least, no lubrication point will ever be forgotten again.

Wide range of lubricants
simalube lubricators come in five different sizes (15 ml, 30 ml, 60 ml, 125 ml and 250 ml), plus a multipoint version. These are available with high-quality standard lubricants. simatec also offers empty lubricators for filling with a customer’s own grease or oil. Accessories developed by simatec ag simplify the installation of lubricators, in many different and complex applications.

Company profile
With the simalube lubricator, the Swiss company opened up another successful sector, and consistently ranks among the leading suppliers in the global industrial market. The automatic lubricator allows the clean, safe and maintenance-free longterm lubrication of bearings. Thanks to this innovative technology, complex maintenance processes on thousands of machines worldwide can be greatly simplified and the maintenance costs considerably reduced.


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