New simatec partner in Poland

Toruń-based firm MARGO is simatec’s new official partner in Poland. The company specialises in the sale and distribution of drive technology and has several offices in Poland.

On 2 and 3 February 2010, Product Manager Mateusz Glura and Service Engineer Marek Zasowski visited simatec to attend a two-day training course.

During the two days, Mateusz and Marek gained an important insight into simatec products. The course was rounded off by a visit to a cardboard factory where numerous simalubes are deployed.

“Our new partners' in-depth technical knowledge made the course very constructive and interesting for all involved,” says Sales Manager Jürg Moor, summing up the two days. Back in Poland, Mateusz and Marek will pass on what they have learnt to the MARGO sales team and assist them with any technical questions they may have.

“On behalf of the simatec team, I would like to thank Mateusz and Marek for their commitment and look forward to working with them,” said Mischa Wyssmann, CEO of simatec.