Cable car and mountain railway promotional campaign

Following the successful use of simalube on the "Glacier Paradiese" mountain railway in Zermatt, simatec has started a promotional campaign to draw attention to its suitability for use on other mountain railways.
The following partners are officially involved in the cable and mountain railway campaign, which is currently up and running:
BEHAM (Austria), Agrinova (Italy), Grützner GmbH (Germany), YTM Industrial Oy (Finland), RIMAZ (Slovenia), Lindberg & Lund AS (Norway) GA Lindberg (Sweden), and Tech Con (Czech Republic). In Switzerland simatec ag is implementing the campaign itself

The three-stage campaign was launched with a personalised e-mail to all mountain railway companies. During the second stage, partners independently sent out a personalised postal mailing. During the third and final stage, the cable and mountain railways received follow-up telephone calls.

The promotional campaign was accompanied by press reports and advertisements in specialist journals and on the main Internet platforms. simatec's Italian partner also attended the Alpitec trade fair in Bolzano from 13 – 15 April.

The German specialist journal B&I also published a special three-page report which it sent directly to cable and mountain railway companies in the German speaking areas of Europe. Link to the reports: