The simatherm IH 045 − World‘s first controllable induction heater with an app

simatherm heaters efficiently heat bearings and other ring-shaped metal parts. They allow quick and clean assembly and replace conventional heating…

With Innovative Solutions to a Smooth Driving Experience

In large buildings such as train stations and airports, the smooth operation of drives, elevators and escalators is essential. Malfunctions or even…

Automatic lubricator simalube: Flexibility like no other

Bearings in all shapes and sizes, chains, guide rails, toothed racks and pinions. These are all things that need to be lubricated at regular intervals…

Mounting of rolling bearings

Rolling bearings are used billions of times around the world and have become an indispensable part of mechanical engineering.

Maintenance processes for rolling bearings during operation

Smooth production operations without any downtime is the goal for every company.

Solutions for innovative maintenance of electric motors

Using simalube lubricators significantly reduces maintenance costs of electric motors.

Design thinking as a driver of innovation – how simatec is shaping the future

Innovation is part of simatec’s DNA: Headquartered in Wangen an der Aare, the company has been developing impressive products and solutions for…



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Innovative maintenance products for rolling bearings simplify complex processes and reduce the maintenance effort on tens of thousands of machines around the globe. You can also benefit from our heating devices and special tools for the perfect handling of rolling bearings. 


simalube supplies various lubrication points with lubricant around the clock.

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Induction Heater

Perfect solution for fast, thermal mounting of rolling bearings.

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Toolsets for mechanical mounting and dismounting of bearings.

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